Seasonal Eye Candy

Here are a few free image ideas for the holiday season:

stock image Freshly baked Halloween biscuits in the shape of a flying bat to be given to children knocking on the door trick and treating stock image Person dressed up as a scary green Halloween ghost or ghoul raising its arms in a frightening gesture stock image A line of evergreen snowcovered spruce or pine trees in a winter wonderland making a lovely Christmas background stock image a plate of mince pices and two sherry glasses stock image a background image of purple pink glitter stars stock image The night sky light by multiple fireworks explosions stock image blue and red colored christmas decorations on a silver tinsel backdrop stock image woodland trail covered in deep snow stock image celebrating the year 2013 new years eve sparkler numbers stock image a log fire with red hot burning wood stock image christmas candle, baubles, decorations and tinsel garland on a red background stock image a background picture of colorful party baloons


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