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a matrix of colourful computer pixels from a vibrant pattern
matrix background of muted coloured squares
matrix of grey squares form an interesting backdrop
background consisting of parallel vertical lines in a blue grey colour scheme
a graduated halftone black and white background
colourful light trails create a neon style background
curved concentric lines of vivid coloured light
arcs of brightly coloured light
colourful bokeh light effect created in camera
colourful bokeh light shape created using a cutout loveheart mask
bokeh shape effect, mulitcoloured starbursts
defocused camera effect creating valentine heart shapes
a dreamlike green bokeh background
bokeh shapes created using a lens trick
a neon style backdrop of arcs from concentric circles
concentric curved blue coloured lines of light on a black background
glowing lines forming concentric curved arcs
moving lines of light create a festive background of light on a black backdrop
arcs of colourful light with an orange and green palette
concentric curved red and green coloured lines of light with bright highlights
motion blurred lines of colourful lights
abstract backdround composed of long exposure motion blurred lights
abstract background of colourful lines of light
multicoloured crisscrossing curved lines of coloured light on a black background. I used this composition for my twitter background http:/
a pattern of green orange and yellow light trails moving around a central out of frame point
aquamarine coloured lines of light create a 'falling' effect
magenta purple and pink colourled lines of light
motion blured parallel lines of coloured light
colourful seasonal background of motion blurred christmas lights
weaving and intertwined curved lines of light on a black background
streaking lines of parallel purple and pink coloured light
parallel lines of purple pink and magenta lights
colourful lines of lite dissappearing towards a vanishing point
weaving and intertwined lines of light of varying thicknesses
a 'slap zoom' effect abstract background composed of out of focus coloured lights
abstract background of out of focus lights and light trails
a spectrum of colours formed from curved concentric thin light lines
purple glowing bokeh light effect
colourful lines of light, long exposure painting with light image composed of rainbow colours
diamond shaped multicoloured camera lens bokeh effect
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